eumeme: eu=good; happy (Greek prefix) meme=a self-reproducing idea, that spreads from one mind to another

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r-evolution has begun... and as you can see is quite chaotic - still very little or no shape, just content thrown out as it comes...

too many

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NEW! 29.11.6=> le foto del Convivio 2006 sono qui - mentre qui trovi l'illusione ottica che doveva essere consegnata nell'evento da stampare, ritagliare e costruire

1.4.6=> dear travellers friends, if you haven't done it already register on
it's a huge network of travellers around the world willing to accomodate you for free or to show you the city you are visiting... great website - my username there is eumeme as usual

NEW! 1.4.6 => please check out and download this great offline personal wiky:
if you don't know what a wiki is please check out the great wikipedia - the online encyclopedia written by the internet users.
in few words a wiki is an hypertextual way to write knowledge.
hypertextual means that is written like a graph, with links from one piece of the document to another - like a website.
since i've got my tiddlywiki i've stopped writing on plain text file and i've finally got all my notes well organized (which is quite amazing if you know how cahotic i can be...)

keep checking this page or go to my blog (unfortunately mostly in italian)
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this is my family genealogy website - i'm still working on it

here's the photo album from the Rainbow Retreat in Sinai check also the heartroubadors

here's the u.g. krishnamurti book Mind is a myth that gave me an unprecedented understanding of the mind... for the first half of the book i seriously believed that U.G. was completely nuts - but later i begun to unknowingly perceive his message and i realized that he was probably more sane than me and many other people... i'll be happy to talk about this book after you've read it - and you probably WANT to talk with someone that has read it if it affects you!

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